Friday, July 18, 2014

JOT Script Evernote Edition.

A true fine point stylus for iOS that allows your handwriting to flow as freely as your thoughts with 1.9mm Tip. 

What is Pixelpoint™ Technology?

Pixelpoint™ technology has enabled the first fine point stylus on the market with a 1.9mm tip. The Bluetooth LE, accelerometer, and Adonit’s SDK work seamlessly to place the ink point directly under the tip and improve the overall control on the screen. Pixelpoint technology will precision in every line, letter and signature.

No need for messy docks or cables. The Jot Script is powered by a standard AAA lithium battery and connects effortlessly via Bluetooth 4.0; just grab Jot Script and start writing.

Evernote reinvented Penultimate, the #1 note taking app for iPad, to offer an unsurpassed ink-on-paper experience. Jot Script’s breakthrough PixelpointTM technology and Penultimate’s intuitive software brings handwriting into the digital age.

*Palm Rejection only available on Bluetooth 4 devices

Jot Ready Apps

Jot Ready Apps provide the best stylus experience on the market by integrating Adanit's SDK (Software Development Kit). 

This SDK enhances an app's performance by adding features such as pressure sensitivity, shortcut buttons,and calibrating the screen for a stylus rather than a finger.  The list of Jot Ready apps is getting longer every day.

As a consultant it is very useful in taking notes in the meeting (Requirement Gathering, CRP3 Sessions, Project Management presentation meetings and any client meetings). The use full part is you can mail your notes immediately or store your data with Evernote in the cloud.  Need not worry of missing your notes misplaced some where or spoiled by water or your carelessness. With electronic note your data is more safer and easier to carry all your notes at one place. 

When you start to use your tablet to take notes slightly you will find it annoying when you mis-place your hand in the tablet and you have dots on the screen captured and to navigate between lines in the screen. But when you keep on using the tablet for note taking you will start to enjoy the flexibility, edibility and advantages of taking notes in your tablet. 

Note: Take extra care of your JOT Script pen as is not cheaper to loose one. As it dose not have any clip or holder to place with i-Pad, you need to take extra care. When you start to use the Jot Script,  after couple of weeks your conscious mind will get tuned to check for the pen when ever you leave a meeting. 

Thanks & Regards,

S.Grace Paul Regan

BOSE Soundlink Mini

When you think of BOSE there is nothing more to tell about their sound quality, here I wish you share my experience with my new BOSE Bluetooth Speaker.

  1. Enjoy your music on the go, everywhere you go. The SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker delivers full, natural sound from an ultra-compact speaker that fits in the palm of your hand. 
  2. It connects wirelessly to your smartphone, tablet or other Bluetoothdevice, so you can listen to your music, videos or games anytime, anywhere from your mobile. 
  3. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery delivers up to seven hours of playtime. 
  4. Great companion for travel. You can carry your quality music where ever you go. 

Being a consultant I love this speaker,  as I can travel with my audio collection. I have my quality audio to enjoy listening. 

Simple in design, great in sound !

Thanks & Regards,
S.Grace Paul Regan

Sigma 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM

The Sigma 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM is the latest superzooms, In fact Sigma was the first company to produce a superzoom for the burgeoning budget DSLR market.
 However the big problem with long, slow zooms is image blur due to camera shake, and in March 2007 Sigma duly announced this new version of the 18-200mm with the addition of 'Optical Stabilization' (OS) technology for Nikon and its own SD range of DSLRs.

A minimum focus distance of 0.45m through the entire range adds to the lens's all-round versatility. The optical stabilization system detects when the camera is panning and automatically switches to operating in one axis only, useful for shooting moving subjects such as sports, Kids events, Birthday party, Office functions and wildlife.

This lens competes directly in the 'stabilized superzoom' market with the Nikon 18-200mm F3.5-5.6G AF-S VR DX and Tamron 18-270mm F3.5-6.3 Di-II VC. Its main advantage at the moment is that it is considerably cheaper than any of these other lenses, making it much the most affordable option for users looking to supplement their collection with a general-purpose travel lens.

Sigma has delivered quality on a budget.

I love this lens to have it as prime lens on my Nikon D5200 for events like family get to gather, birthday, office gathering, travelling and marriage.


1.      You can shoot all the happenings from where you are.
2.      There is no need to change the lens in between.
3.      Can be a great companion for travel photography and especially when you are shooting kids. 
4.      Cheap and best in the market


1.      Heavier makes the lens, focal length vary when you hold the camera slightly tilted towards the 
2.      I found the Macro shots were horrible in Auto Focus; rather manual did a decent job.
3.      At times the shutter clicks gets struck and will ask you to press the shutter button again (It 
         happens when you vary your zoom and FL between (Macro to Zoom) immediately.
4.      I personally noticed sharpness issue with this lens.

This will be a best companion for a medium level hobby photographer. 

Thanks & Regards,
S.Grace Paul Regan

Monday, February 17, 2014

Why I upgraded to Nikon D5200 ?

Dear All,

With my experience with Photography, I have my own classifications on the level of photography.


1. Just want to shoot a photo, dose not bother about any of the photographic aspects.
2. Just started to use a camera

Advanced Beginner

1. Already have some experience with basic point and shoot cameras and now looking for the next level to upgrade the output of photographs.
2. Not satisfied with the output of any priced point and shoot camera.


1. Already camera owns an APS-C sensor camera and knows to play around the manual settings of the camera to get optimal results.
2. Always want to use an post photo editing tool (Adobe Light-room) to enhance the output of most of the photographs taken)

Advanced Intermediate

1. Knows to play with the flash, External lighting, Aperture, ISO, Auto Focus/ Manual Focus, White Balance, FPS to get an optimal output at least >50% of the time.
2. Knows what may be the result of the photograph just by looking through the view finder with the displayed camera settings.


1. Knows the exact advantage of using a full frame DSLR when compared using APS-C sensor, and knows to utilize the full 35mm frame to get the depth and meaning of a photograph.
2. Knows to use all professional photographic gadgets to use when and why.

Advanced Professional

1. Knows to take a stunning image with any given camera.
2. Just with the settings of the camera and available lighting know how and when to use a camera to get a most justifiable image with minimal post processing effects.

I fall in to the “Advanced Beginner” category. Hence as I decided to upgrade my photographic gears I was left with two options “Canon or Nikon”, so when I procured Nikon D5200 it was the most updated camera with better specs in the market when compared to Canon models.

As Nikon's 'advanced beginner' DSLR, the D5200 sits between the entry-level D3200 and the enthusiast-targeted D7100 in the company's most recent APS-C lineup. The D5200 offers 24MP resolution, an articulated rear LCD and more physical controls than the D3200, but without the twin-dial interface and professional grade AF system of the decidedly higher market D7100.

Nikon has paired the D5200's 24.1 million effective pixel CMOS sensor with its EXPEED 3 processing engine, and this enables a native sensitivity range of ISO 100-6400. If light levels are very low, this can be expanded upwards to the equivalent of ISO 25,600.

I am not going to compare the specifications of Nikon D5200 with any benchmarks, rather this post will be of my experience in shifting from a point and shoot camera to an intermediate-professional camera.

My experience with Point and Shoot camera

I had previously owned a Samsung NV3 7.1 MP, Casio Exilim EX-Z33 10 MP and Sony –H9, with all the three Sony-H9 10.1 MP was my longtime favorite because of its versatile 15 X optical zoom.


1. Light weight and highly portable.
2. No extra attachments to carry around, less cumbersome.
3. Cheap
4. Most of the memory cards works fine without time lag.
5. Can hold in hand upright for long time to take less shaky videos and photos
6. Anyone can shoot from my kids to my parents as by name point and shoot.
7. Customs are not bothered about my camera in my Hand baggage.
8. Various competitors in the market to choose from the best options to price
9. Comes in various colors and style if you are fashion conscious
10. Latest ones have (Phone, Music Player, Video Player, Games and lot more fun to customize through android apps.


1. Cramped pixel packing makes shabby image depth, useless to change any of the basics of image reproduction.
2. Image Quality is far poorer when compared to basic APS-C sensor cameras.
3. Video Recording and Quality of reproduction is very poor.
4. No gadgets to add upon to upgrade the quality of the image
5. Camera decides the output of the image as most of the settings are preloaded.
6. There are too many options out there in the market and majority of the players do not upgrade the quality and standard of the image reproduction rather they concentrate on useless options and features. (too many cooks spoil the food)
7. Build quality is poor (weather protection), latest ones are coming with better protection against weather but still not up to the mark.
8. If you have passion for good photograph most of the time you end up being cheated by the results.
9. Most of the times we are cheated with the various options of the camera but the end result in the images are not promising.
10. Most of the time the menu and settings of the camera doesn’t have any hard button to access and makes it difficult for elderly or average persons to change the settings as they wish.

My experience with APS-C DSLR Camera

Last year I have upgraded to Nikon D-5200 with 18-55mm Kit lens and Sigma 18-250 mm macro zoom lens, Nikon WU-1a wireless adaptor. Within my first couple of shots I realizes that DSLR cameras stand apart from any of the Point and Shoot cameras in the market.


1. Image Detail and Depth
2. You decide the image output with Manual settings
3. Options to include Flash, Triggers, WiFi Routers, Synchronization with Cameras and flash.
4. Versatility of choosing the lens as per your requirement.
5. Print your Images on a blowup
6. Tons are post image editing is possible with RAW format images (With JPEG you lose the quality)
7. To an extent even the entry level DSLR comes with weather proofing
8. Video recording and Quality on reproduction is very good
9. Easy to access camera setting hardware buttons, come handy when needed.
10. Focal Points give a varying image depth resolution, which is makes most of your steady images look good.


1. Bulky and heavy to carry along. You cannot take a risk to place the camera or its accessories in your check in baggage because your luggage may be lost or handled carelessly to break your valuables within.
2. When you pack your DSLR with your hand baggage you give a better options for the customs in country like India to screw you a bit, it gets worse if you are an Indian.
3. Always you should keep an eye on your gears as most of them will cost a bit to bother you, even if one of your accessories is missed or stolen. It will be the worst nightmare to lose your complete back pack with your camera body, lens, flash, memory card and battery.
4. You should be familiar with all available manual options of your camera and how to access and configure the external hardware buttons to get a better output and if not you will not find any use in taking photos with an DSLR.
5. You will have to juggle around with lens when you will have to take a photograph with varying focal lengths at the same event.
6. You should be ready to invest at least 50 % more money on your DSLR gears than you will be buying a point and shoot camera.
7. Really it takes some time to at least master the basics of (Aperture, FPS, ISO, AF/MF, Image Formats, White Balance, Micro-Macro, Tele-Photo, Wide Angle) RAW photography which makes the first building block of owing a DSLR camera to make some sense.
8. If you do not have a gene that will appreciate or can differentiate between good and bad image just with your inner sense, DSLR will not make any sense to you.
9. It’s annoying to take candid portraits because of its size and presence.
10. Only few options to choose from with minimal competition in the markets.

If you have decided to upgrade your photographic gears, ask these questions to yourself and answer it honestly.

1. Why do I need to upgrade from Point and Shoot cameras to a DSLR camera?
2. Do I really find my point and shoot cameras are not delivering the image with the quality I think? Am I unsatisfied with the image quality of my point and shoot cameras?
3. What do I know about photographic basics?
4. What is my budget and best camera option that I have in the market for my budget?
5. Should I want an APS-C sensor or a full frame sensor camera?
6. If I need a full frame (Will I earn any money out of it or will I be taking part in any professional photographic competitions – because full frame cameras are much more heavier, costlier and critical to maintain and carry on)
7. Am I willing to carry the heavy gears as passion for my photography comes first?
8. Can I keep an eye on my gadgets where ever I go? (or am I careless)
9. Do I know something about post image processing software? (Adobe Lightroom)
10. Will I be moving to full frame cameras in the future, in that case make sure the accessories (lens, Flash, Triggers, Tripod) that you buy are compactable with full frame cameras, buy the way you can get most out of your investment.

Thanks & Regards,
S.Grace Paul Regan

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Value for money - DSLR Nikon D5200 !

One of the solid camera with excellent photo and video quality, It gives better shooting experience that makes it an excellent choice for all-around family and vacation photography.

I am not going to write on the specifications of the camera or the camera review, there are lots of websites in the web for that.

Just I want to share my experience in choosing a best DSLR camera and How I did it?

Why Nikon D5200 is a value for money ?

I made a optimal comparative study in the market before deciding on Nikon.

There were few questions I had as basis to select the right model for me.

1. Why do I need a DSLR camera ? Why not the common point and shoot with higher Megapixel ?
2. What will I be shooting most of the time if Photography isn't my profession?
3. Do I know some thing about Photography before deciding on a camera?
4. What can be my budget ? How far I can go ? Can in make a justice to the money that I will spend?
5. When more DSLR cameras and mirror-less cameras are coming to the market every 2-months, What
     should I choose (APS-C / Full Frame or Full-frame Mirror-less), Which can suite me the best ?
6. What is the amount of money I can invest on accessories (Lenses, Flashes, Memory Card, Battery,
     Tripod, Bag) ?
7. How frequent will I be travelling with the camera ?
8. Are there direct company service centers available locally in Kuwait and in India?

When I had answered all these questions, I know that I was left with only one option Nikon D5200.

1. Why do I need a DSLR camera ? Why not the common point and shoot with higher Megapixel ? 

I already own a Sony-H9 10 MP, 15 X Optical Zoom which has already served my photographic needs for more than Six years, Now I have reached to a point where I find most of the photo's that I take with my H-9 doesn't meet my expectations. I found some memorable shots which I took were unusable because of the restrictions to choose the ISO or FPS when I use the camera in Auto Mode, hence I decided to go for an better one but not the most expensive one, as still I am not a hard core photographer.

When considering the options for accessories (Lens and Flashes) and the Megapixel Count, Nikon Plays a monopoly at present.

Why more Megapixel ?

Armature Photographers will need more details on a photograph that can be edited many times to achieve an decent image, hence high megapixels will help you achieve that to an extent.  

2. What will I be shooting most of the time if Photography isn't my profession?

Most of my images are shot at places I visit on my personal or official need (means I do not travel to places for the reason to take photograph). Hence my photo's will be most on my personal album not on any photography site or competition. The subjects are to be my family, friends, relatives and memorable places. But still I need to see my photo's with decent visuals and image quality.  I prefer to have some minimal post-processing steps to be applied on some of the photographs I will take as I do not know much about professional photographic workflow.

Do I know some thing about Photography before deciding on a camera?

Yes, to say a little bit. I have a decent knowledge to play with ISO, AF/MF, FPS, Aperture, Flash and White Balance to play with my camera. Most of the times I can get a decent image by playing with these settings in Manual Mode, or at least I know what went wrong when I did not get the exact shot what I was trying.

Also I have some idea how to handle a photo in a light room with post processing effects.

This is what all I know about photography as far now, but will be keep on learning new techniques and feature.

Thanks & Regards,
S.Grace Paul Regan

Thursday, February 21, 2013

i-Phone 5 & 4G LTE in Kuwait!

The iPhone 5 adds the most wanted things in the iPhone 4S, The major change factors are:
1.      4G LTE
2.      A longer, larger screen
3.      Free turn-by-turn navigation by Apple & Now Google maps with turn-by-turn navigation are great.
4.      Faster A6 processor
5.      Plus - its top-to-bottom redesign is sharp, slim, and feather-light
6.      Headphone Jack moved to bottom of the phone.
The major reason for me to upgrade was the "4G LTE - (Long Term Evolution)", So far after travelling to various countries and consulting my friends in Middle East, I haven't found that there isn't one single mobile operator through "Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait & Qatar) who provides "Worth Data Plans" (data plans worth for the money you spend). Every single mobile operator was looting their customers shamelessly with a poor and exaggerated net work band width.
Even I was an victim of this data plan, being looted for more than three years.
In approx. I have spent (900 KWD = 1,75,000 INR) for the past three years just for the data plan alone (I have not included my voice calls here). I knew that I was robbed in full day light in front of everyone and was helpless because most of them around me were robbed the same way.
When I heard "4G-LTE" connection is coming to Kuwait, I thought its a new tool and idea for mobile operators to create a new "Rob-Plan".
Initially here in Kuwait "4G -LTE" connection is provided by "ZAIN Telecom". Others are also in the race but still on the way yet to provide 4G LTE connection for their customers.
Even though being hesitant, I thought of giving a try to Test the connection speed and package deals by ZAIN. It was quite the same pricing as it was for dead slow 3G, hence thought of switching plans if I would benefit by the speed of 4G LTE as its claimed to be 10 times faster than the previous generation.
I tested the connection speed (Ping Test), down load speed, upload speed from various server locations, HD Video online streaming, and Internet Threatening Connectivity speeds, exchange server large file upload /download at various intervals of time, date and location to get an average of test results.
The results were amazing, in average I got speeds more than 20 MPBS, at odd times I got speeds up to 50 MBPS, I have the test results with me.
Then finally made my mind to go for it, when considering my data plans 4 G LTE was just 1 KD more, but there was a bitter point for my purse here, I need to have an 4G LTE enabled mobile device or Internet hot-spot device for me to use the 4 G Data Plan.
Hence I decided to go for i-Phone 5 with 4G LTE and found to be the most reliable handset at present in the market with 4G LTE connectivity. Apart from 4G LTE, I did not have any reason to upgrade my i-Phone 4S.
But right now after using my i-Phone 5 with 4G LTE connection  for more than a month, I could say the i-Phone 5 is far better than 4S in addressing my internet speed issues. i-Phone 5 connectivity speed with ZAIN 4G LTE is real good so far. Most of the time I get the speed between 20 MBPS to 50 MBPS when connected through 4G LTE. I have tested the connection from different locations (Shuwaikh, Qurain, Faheel, Kuwait City, Mangaf, Farwaniya, Air Port) and also at different times.
Now I think my money spent on data plan is worth it!
But I don’t know how long this speed would be valid with ZAIN. But for now “ZAIN” has got the best data connection plan with high speed internet in Kuwait.

For any details or clarification regarding the “4 G LTE” connection with ZAIN you can mail me @ as a friend to get an idea before opting for 4G LTE, I am not a representative or marketer of ZAIN, I have just posted my point of view on my own experience.

Opinion differs !
Thanks & Regards,
S.Grace Paul Regan

Monday, January 14, 2013

Which is the superior mobile OS: iOS, Android, or Windows 8?

In the recent past days I have seen new Phones or Tablet hitting the market every single day from different manufacturer with different operating system, which gave me the curiosity to find which one is the best. Now a days you can hear "Android and Windows 8" more than iOS. I just wanted to check if these was an mirage created by an unrealistic hyped market or there is some thing real.

After some personal exprieance with all the three OS with different manufacturer and after reading different review from different gadget review site across the globe, I came up with some gross evaluation which I think are the reasons for the present drift in the gadget market.

The fact is that all three of these OS platforms have their strengths and weaknesses. Depending on what you’re already using and what you want to get out of your computing experience, any one of these three choices may be the superior option. Understanding your own goals and each platform will deliver the most positive experience possible. Failing to understand this will lead to disappointment. Fortunately, I’m here to try and help you make sense of the options available.


Let’s start with Apple’s mobile platform. By far and away the most polished, prestigious, and arguably popular mobile OS platform, there’s no doubt that Apple started the modern post-PC era. There’s a lot to love about iOS — it’s reliable, the hardware is gorgeous and cutting-edge, and it has the largest library of content and applications. Honestly, it’s the perfect content consumption device for end-users who simply want to absorb and aren’t interested in doing a lot of creation.

I’m not sure why so many technology bloggers want to paint the iPad as a productivity platform. Of the three platforms, iOS is the weakest in content creation and productivity. iOS is aimed squarely at average consumer markets and it’s hugely successful in reaching this group. The iPad is so simple that toddlers and chimps can pick it up and understand it. I like to tease about this, but that’s the key to its success. It’s an appliance designed to empower nearly anyone to enjoy the benefits of digital devices.

However, having an easy device comes with sacrifices, and the biggest one is that iOS is the least suited for professional use. Sure, there are exceptions. Some niche industries, most notable the medical and music industries, embrace the iPad and drive a lot of app designs. Ultimately, I think that a more powerful and flexible mobile OS platform will become equal to or exceed iOS even in those fields — but for now, Apple enjoys a lead. Otherwise, if you’re not in one of those very narrow niches, iOS is only the best choice if you want a machine primarily for consumer applications with little or no professional productivity in mind.


I believe that not only is Android the most popular smartphone OS, but it’s also now positioned to be the dominant tablet and hybrid OS by the middle of 2013. It’s no wonder, because Android is (in many ways) the “Windows” of mobile OS platforms. With multiple device manufacturers competing on price, quality, features and other positions, Android devices offer a flexibility that iOS cannot match.

There’s something for every budget, goal, and desire among Android-based devices.
Android is the middle ground. With many of the features (and liabilities) of a true mobile OS, Google has tried to walk a line in offering the same kind of intuitive, light-weight mobile experience as iOS but with the power and flexibility of a traditional Windows desktop OS. They’ve done a pretty good job at this, which is reflected in the popularity of this platform.
However, the process has not been without compromise.

 In making a more flexible and powerful platform that supports more devices, Android has become less of a consumer appliance and more of a power user’s playground. While that may sound good to a lot of potential users, it means that Android is not as stable, predictable, or well designed as iOS. Things are just a little less polished.

At the same time, for true power users, Android falls just short of being able to deliver a completely satisfying experience. I’ve been using Android daily for several years, chasing a replacement for my Windows laptop. Part of my shock that iOS users are chasing this goal is my disappointment with Android in this regard. I can leave the PC notebook at home for trips and travel, but I’ve had to adjust and learn “work-around” methods that include saving the heavy lifting for a real PC. For some users, this is good enough. If you want a little more power on the road but are still okay with needing a PC to finish things up when you return, Android may be a good solution for you.

Windows 8

Microsoft has positioned themselves to compete with the encroachment of mobile OS platforms on the traditional PC, but Windows 8 is a complex platform in all its myriad forms.

Windows delivers much of the mobile OS platform nearly as well as the previously mentioned platforms, but it retains a distinct focus on corporate business productivity as its primary role. Even the ARM-based Windows RT is aimed at users who are strongly invested in Microsoft’s business platforms. If you want the strongest integration with Windows domains, Exchange, Office, and Microsoft’s cloud and intranet solutions, Windows 8 is simply worlds ahead of either iOS or Android. The business-oriented apps are also far more advanced for enterprise-oriented goals, content creation, and organization.

The sacrifice here is that Windows 8 reflects Microsoft’s philosophy on enabling powerful business applications that reward a steep learning curve with tremendous competitive advantage. This is the least intuitive touch-screen platform, the social integration is the most uneven, and the apps and consumer content are the sparsest (at least on the mobile side of the OS). You’ve also got some platform fracturing that can be confusing.

Windows RT is aimed at people who want a very lightweight device that offers a lot of the hardware features of competitive tablets, with a somewhat crippled version of Microsoft’s “Classic” Windows mode. The crippled Classic mode still offers the best corporate productivity platform of any mobile tablet device in this class for professionals in Microsoft shops.

Windows Pro devices are really just full-fledged traditional PCs with a touch-oriented GUI. They can do everything a PC can do, but they offer mobile, touch-oriented features too. These devices do not generally deliver the same true instant-on and true 8+ hour battery life as mobile OS platforms, nor the quiet fanless operation. But if you’re a heavy professional content creator in a Microsoft business and you want a device that offers many benefits of touch-screen mobile devices, there may be no better choice for you.

Remember, there’s no platform that’s truly superior to the others in this roundup. They all have benefits and compromises, so you need to select the platform that appeals the most to you. Depending on your needs and tastes, however, you might end up picking a platform that isn’t the best solution for you.

Which device platform best fits your needs? It depends upon what you actually want to do with your device and the job nature you are in to which demands you to choose from one of these OS at times.

iOS  - Most Comfortable and easy to use interface

Android - Mostly for Professional Users, still most of the applications seems to have "No Start and
                 No End" is  hanging in between.

Windows 8 - Might be useful for corporate users. If lots of MicroSoft Office sync is required.

Most of the above contents were picked and edited from various web gadget news sources as well as my own suggestions and points are included.

Thanks & Regards,
S.Grace Paul Regan

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

MacBook Air

On my recent US Visit I got a MacBook Air 2.0 GHz Turbo Boost up to 3.2 GHz, Dual-Core Core i7 Processor, 8 GB RAM, 512 GB Flash Drive, I found this to be the highest and the best configuration for an MacBook Air.

I brought this machine out of curiosity to know how MAC Works when compared to PC. I have been a PC user for more than 10-Years and now switched to an MAC.

First I have to say about this MacBook Air, its "Simply the best" machine out there in the market. Air machines are there for a long time even tough, there is no PC manufacturer has even tried to match the closest sleek hardware design of the MacBook Air and still Apple leads in sleek Laptop (Ultra Book) market.

As an Consultant

MAC OS seems to be an unacceptable environment, because most of the programs which I use as a Oracle ERP consultant is not supported by an Mac OS, It was like a "Fish out the water"

For example: Toad or Oracle Forms or Reports, BI Publisher etc... None of these will work with Mac OS.

Here comes the wonderful option of Boot Loader from MAC, So there is no issues! as you can still run your Windows 7 as a optional operating system where you can run all your Windows program as you will do with an PC, but with the Power of the Apple Hardware. The negative part is, you will have to restart your Machine if you want to change the operating system to Windows from MAC or vise-versa but this not it ! You can run Parallels to work on both the OS simultaneously !

Now almost 2-months using MAC as my primary computer for all my day to day task, I love my MacBook and no hiccups.

  1. Light Weight
  2. Long Battery Life (5+ Hours)
  3. Beautiful Display
  4. Wonderful Key Board with Back Light (You can appreciate only when you use it)
  5. Two USB 3.0 Ports, One Thunderbolt Port, SD Card Slot
  6. Large Precise Track Pad (You don't need a mouse most of the time)
  7. HD Front Facing Camera
  8. Excellent Photo & Movie editing tool (iPhoto & iMovie), any one can use !
  1. Pretty expensive
  2. No optical drive
  3. Display has reflection glare issues
Dear consultants if you are planning to upgrade your machine and if you love to have the  most adorable machine then its definitively the Mac Book Air. If think "burger should have cheese and laptops should have optical drives" then go for the latest MacBook Pro 13 inch with Retina display.

Any doubts regarding  installation of windows soft ware in MAC or issues related in installing Windows on MAC mail me @

Start using it, for sure you will love this sexy machine !

Thanks & Regards,
S.Grace Paul Regan


Monday, July 9, 2012

Klipsch S4i

A decent three button earphones for i-Products. It has excellent sound clarity with detail. The design is good as well as comfortable on ears even though I pay extra attention on the comfort side.

Its sleek and above average, but it has its issues too. When ever I connect my earphones to my Laptop, I get a slight "HESS" noise in the background on low volume it gets suppressed on high volume levels.

Its not good to hear on this earphones for long duration as it's designed to give physical noise isolation which creates a internal eardrum vibration pressure which may harm your eardrum resonance over a period of time.

So make sure when ever you use in-earphones do not leave the earphones plugged to your ear continuously for more than 30-minutes. Every 30-minutes remove the headphone hear the ambient sounds around you for few minutes and then proceed. This will help you enjoy your music personally for a longer duration of period without any hearing loss.

When compared to this health hazard I love to use my BOSE earphones, they are slightly better than your KLIPSCH in-earphones as the BOSE earphones do not get in to your ear it sits around your ear hence the pressure created inside your ear is less but still the difference is very minor its a personal feel that you can arrive when only you try both.

Thanks & Regards,
S.Grace Paul Regan.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

i-Phone 4S

Already an i-Phone 4 user for the past two years I loved using the phone every time I used it for what ever the purpose may be. One day my brother wanted my i-Phone in trade with this Samsung Galaxy Wave -2 which was on BADA operating system, I was happy to give the phone but had a deep feel I will miss a good phone that I had for 2-Years but any ways my wife has a HTC Desire HD that too is a good phone thought of trading the Galaxy Wave-2 for her HTC Desire HD hence I felt Android 2.3 was much better than the BADA in the Wave-2.

I started to use the Android 2.3 HTC Desire HD and within a week I was starving with the feel of I was lagging a good phone. Android is no way organized or what ever the effort I made to organize was all in vain. I found most of the SIP call applications were crawling and just there in Android market as icons worth for nothing. Honestly I tried 5-reputed apps to configure the SIP client and failed. It was shock to me the same apps that worked well in IOS operating system was useless with Android. I don't know weather the issue was with the Operating System of with the Quality control of the different operating system that controls the apps functionality.

There are several other most frequently used  apps which turned their back to me on Android.

One bad thing about my HTC Desire HD was the battery life. with my 100 % of battery 75% was consumed for the HD display. It sucks ! If I was with 3G data access my HTC just lasted half the day of my use. Hence decided a better phone I was left with only two choices "Android" or "IOS".

As already a lover of the i-Phone just I brought a i-Phone 4s again and regained sense of using a good smart phone again.

Even tough I don't use SIRI most I prefer to use it when the IOS has its 6 Upgrade with apples own native maps that can be used with SIRI for hands free navigation.

I have decent results on my Photos as always. Now it has got a better processor. The quality of my i-Phone screen is as always rigid to an extent where I have dropped my i-Phone 4 several times some times harsh landing on concrete floors with no protected covers it has endured all my kids push, pull, saliva, scratch on the screen of my i-Phone.

I-Phone is a good phone that's all, Value for your money and it satisfies all your Phone needs eod.

Thanks & Regards,
S.Grace Paul Regan

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I-POD Classic 120 GB

I have a I-Pod classic for more than three years and I still love it and have the same feel and quality that I had three years back when I brought it. Initially I had difficulty in loading the songs and video through i-Tunes its real cumbersome and still it is but I have tuned to work the way it does.

Its a true classic player by its name. I don't know when its going to stop as its not a SDD player its still a HDD player. It will stop one day but I believe already I have taken every single bit of juice from it.

The great thing about my I-Pod is the quality of the output that I get with what ever the genera of music I throw in.

Days pass by without notice when I am plugged with my i-POD classic which has my best classic music collection of 98 GB and my BOSE QC-15. Its wonderful. Just what I need is a complicated work to concentrate that I am only person to do this work that's it. It just keeps on going, going and goes.

If you want to use your earphones or headphones for more than a hour, kindly do not turn the volume more than 50 %. If you are immersed in a work you will not bother about the volume that bothers your ear. 8 hrs of continuous hard rock music with 100 % volume will make you partially deaf hence kindly take care about the volume you hear.

Enjoy Music ! Its Magical ! It Transforms you ! It becomes your sole companion !

Thanks & Regards,
S.Grace Paul Regan

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

BOSE Companion 5

I have used Creative 5.1 Multimedia Speaker system before spending some big bugs on this BOSE Companion 5. It really offers the so called superior sound quality for true. This is my fourth year with these speakers every time I turn it on I can feel it and I feel that every single penny spent on this is worth it.

It is simple neat and a clean system. You can amplify audio from computer or Tablet or Phone or any audio device which has a 3.5mm Jack output option. It’s simply great!!! But the other means of connectivity is lagging (HDMI or Optic).

It has got only two speakers but the BOSE exclusive True Space® surround digital processing circuitry spreads the sound around you, so the enveloping effects seem to come from areas where there aren't even any speakers. The experience is developed especially for computer listening—putting you right in the middle of the music, the game and the special effects.

Compact Acoustimass module provides clean low frequencies, allowing the desktop speakers to be very small without sacrificing performance. Module can be hidden neatly under your desk yet powerful to deliver the right bass. It’s not too BASSY or less it has got the right punch.
All the frequencies low, mid and high has more natural tone and detail clarity.

There really isn't much to say. They are insane. Don't listen to all this hype about the "Bose" name bringing the price up. Just go to a Bose store and listen for yourself. If you like, and can afford them, then buy them, you won't be sorry. You'll probably keep them forever. Good luck in your speaker search! I found mine after long research that I made in internet, Store visit and magazine search.

Thanks & Regards,
S.Grace Paul Regan

Sunday, February 12, 2012

BOSE MIE2i mobile headset

If you are a serious Music listener for sure you will be in search of decent ear-phones, the criteria’s that I have for a good head phones are
1. Quality for Audio
2. Comfort on using
3. Features & Functionality
4. Build Quality & Durability
5. Ease of use and compatibility with mobile
6. Design

On considering all the above I tried with some good brands like Sony, Philips, JBL, dr.Dre, Sennheiser, Denon, Bose, Creative
Finally I decided to land with BOSE MIE2i mobile head set for its overall performance.

1. The sound you hear with a great detail with decent clear reproduction when compared with other headphones where (dr.Dre – you feel the bass is over amplified and it’s not true, with Sony the treble at high volume is horrible). You can tell the difference only when you hear it by your own with the BOSE

2. The silicon ear bud at the tip is of a great comfort, you will not feel that you are using earphones at least for the first 4+hours; ear bud comes with different sizes that would fit most of the Human ears. The silicon ear bud is really of a good comfort and you get a decent 1 meter cable length that will be more than enough for any tall person to slide his mobile in his pant pockets and your earphones will reach your ear with no pull effect on any of your gestures.

3. Greater in-ear stability from proprietary Stay Hear ear tips that nestle inside the bowl of the ear while naturally conforming to the ear's upper ridge, a simple and most efficient design.
S, M and L removable silicone Stay Hear tips, for an adjustable, personal fit.

4. Reliable cable construction enhances flexibility and durability to better withstand the rigors of everyday use. Tested personally for more than a year now.

5. Angled plug for extensive compatibility with most MP3 players, including most iPod® models, as well as laptops and portable CD and DVD players. Protective carrying case for storing headphones and a portable MP3 player. You have a MIC with this head phones to answer and disconnect calls when connected with your mobile.

6. Enhanced acoustic design incorporating a new port to help music sound smoother and more natural, TriPort® acoustic headphone structure, available only from Bose, produces tonally balanced audio with deep low notes from small, in-ear headphones.

Overall this earphone is a most decent one worth for every single penny you pay for it and you will start loving this headphones only if you will use it.

Major Drawback: (But BOSE has a descent replacement policy)

If some things go wrong with your headphones after 1-year warranty period, like the one I had my earphone jack got warned out there was a loose contact inside the Jack. I will have to hold the jack tightly pressed with my fingers to make it sound. When I took it to the local Bose Authorized service center they told me they can give me a new Headphones in a discounted price that was the same normal price of a new BOSE earphones that I could get from any of the Shops outside. They said they cannot repair the headset as they do not have relative spares from the BOSE it self. I was little bit frustrated and wrote the issue to BOSE Corporation the global servicing unit and this was the answer below, Just posted the mail that I got from BOSE

Reply from BOSE

Dear Grace Paul,

We are sorry to hear about your product issue.  Bose Corporation does not repair headsets and replacement is the only option.  For products out of warranty you will be able to obtain a new product for 1/3rd the local retail cost.  The new headset would be accompanied by a new one year warranty.  Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

Thank you for contacting Bose Corporation.
Bose Corporation
Global Service Support Team

Reply from me:

Dear ,

In your previous mail communication you have mentioned " For products out of warranty you will be able to obtain a new product for 1/3rd the local retail cost"
My Head set cost 42 KWD in the market as well us with the BOSE store. Hence as per your update the replacement should cost (1/3) * 42 = 14 KWD,  But here with the BOSE service center they ask me 35 KWD (ie)- (3/4) * 42 = 31.5 which is even more than that of 3/4 of the cost. 
If my calculation is wrong kindly let me know the right cost that I should pay for the replacement and that too they ask me more than three days for the replacement.

Authorized dealer for BOSE in Kuwait:   

Thanks & Regards,
S.Grace Paul Regan

Reply from BOSE:


Thank you for the update.  We have relayed your information to the local team, they had provided follow up to us a few weeks ago indicating that you may not have been ready to take advantage of the out of warranty exchange headset solution. I have let them know you wish to proceed.  The replacement option requires that you bring the defective headset in as part of the exchange program.

Thank you for contacting Bose Corporation.

Bose Corporation
Global Service Support Team

Reply from me:

Dear Stephen,

My query was they were asking me 35 KWD for the replacement is that the right price that I have to pay for the replacement. From the previous mails fromBOSE you mentioned that I need to pay only (1/3) of the price of the headphone in the local market. The price of the BOSE in the local market is 42 KWD hence the price of the replacement should be 14 KWD (ie 1/3 of 42) but why are they asking me to pay 35 KWD. I have no issues in returning the defective headset with bill.
So clearly tell me what is the amount I need to pay for the replacement 14 KWD or 35 KWD ?

Thanks & Regards,
S.Grace Paul Regan

Reply from local BOSE authorised Service Centre Manager:

Dear Mr. Regan,

Good morning.

Regarding your faulty BOSE MIE2I earphones, kindly bring it to our service centre to receive a replacement of a new unit at 1/3 price. Our retail price of the unit is KD.46.750/- and the 1/3 price will be KD.15.580.

Thanks.Best regards,
S.G. Mani
Service Manager
Tel:   (+965) 24 720 631 - Ext. 220
Fax:  (+965) 24 761 890
Mobile:  (+965) 66407879

Finally this is how it worked. BOSE global customer care are responsive and the best offer they could provide is to replace my old warned out earphones with the new upgraded model at 1/3 of its local market cost which I think is a better deal and a decent replacement policy. 

So dear friends if you have any issues with the BOSE headphones or earphones range take it to your local BOSE authorised service centre for new replacement at 1/3 of the latest product price in the market. If you have issues dealing with your local service center write to Global BOSE customer care and don't give up until you get your unit replaced. 

Finally I have a feeling its worth buying BOSE even though its bit expensive in the market. 

Thanks & Regards,
S.Grace Paul Regan